INDIAN DELI Lunch time menu (11-5)


Classic burger meal


Beef burger, grilled onions, cheese, salad, sauce

Bombay bad boy meal


Beef burger popodoms, onion salad, cheese, sauce

BBQ beef burger meal


Beef burger, grilled onions, BBQ sauce, cheese, salad

Flame grilled peri chicken burger meal


Chicken fillet, cheese, salad sauce

Veggie burger meal - (V)


Veggie burger, salad, cheese, sauce

Chuntney chip butty


Triple cooked masala fries wrapped in garlic naan topped with curried mayo

Tandoori tikka


Chicken tikka, salad, sauce

Spiced donner


Spiced donner, salad, sauce

Very peri chicken


Grilled chicken, salad, homemade peri sauce

Full Monty


Wrap extravanganza- This wrap includes the finest of fillings: Tandoori Tikka, spiced donner, peri chicken and masala fries.

Stir fry (served in naan or chips)

Chicken stir fry


Donner stir fry


Mix stir fry (chicken and donner or beef)


Kebab stir fry


Kebab roll

Chicken kebab


Lamb kebab



Beef sandwich

Shredded beef lightly spiced, caramelised onions topped with mayo & crispy salad.

Chicken Triple

Enjoy all three of our classic chicken sandwiches, all 3 in 1. Three flavours include: - Chicken & turkey rashers: Packed with chicken breast w, with creamy mayonnaise. - Roast Chicken Salad: With roast chicken breast and tomatoes, cucumbers, mayonnaise and crispy salad leaves. Chicken Mayonnaise: A simple chicken mayonnaise on soft white bread.

Halal Mumbai Inspired Chicken

Suculent chicken breast with Bombay potato, tangy mango chutney, yoghurt & cool mint dressing and crunchy salad leaves.
Chicken Tikka Bhaji

Flavoursome chicken tikka with onion bhaji, nourished with mango chutney, yoghurt and cool mint dressing, sprinkled with coriander.
Bhaji Bonanza (v)

Onion bhaji with bombay potato, tangy mango chutney, cucumber and sprinkled coriander.
Piri Piri Chicken

Beautifully spiced Piri Piri chicken, covered in creamy free range mayonnaise, tangy salsa, spinach and refreshing coriander in a deliciously soft bread.
Two Cheese and Red Onion Chutney Sandwich

Cheese slices with creamy mayonnaise, caramelised onion chutney and salad leaves.

Sub Rolls

Mexican Chicken


Peri Chicken


Chicken Tikka